Bon Odori 2010

I went to the Bon Odori festival yesterday evening together with Lester and 2 of my friends Darren and Ryan. Bon Odori is basically a dancing festival to commemorate and remember one’s ancestors. There were a lot of dances going on with traditional Japanese music. Everyone joins in the dances and the field was packed with people. I’ve never been to a public event with this many young people! Last year’s Bon Odori was attended by 30,000 people, I’m not very sure how many are there this year because the media has yet to release the figures. I see a lot of young school girls in yukata (summer kimono) and they’re all very nice. We don’t really get to try any Japanese food at the stalls because all the stalls were packed with people.

Anyway, there were a lot of photography enthusiasts as well because I see a lot of male folks with DSLR. They were all busy snapping away at everything and anything. Within my group there were already 3 males with DSLR! Sheeshhh, wish there are some girls around that I can talk to. Where are you Elaine when I need you?! Anyway, below are some of the pics, traffic was crazy after the event. I don’t think I’ll be going there again next year.

And the whole festival centers around this stage where there’s dancers and drummers, of course they danced right in front of the VIP area at times too.

We were right next to this little Japanese girl who was there with her family. She’s the center of attention at one of time when suddenly everyone just crowd around to snap her pictures because she’s just so cute in her yukata and she enjoys all the attention too!

And there’s this mobile sushi where customers don’t get to seat but stand in order to eat their sushi. There were a lot of stalls surrounding the area but just too many people around and in the end we did not eat anything much except some curry puffs, sausages etc.

Ohhh, Lester happened to rescued a toad from the crowds of people. And he put it in a sandwich container which we later dispose to a nearby drain. Lucky toad! Like I mentioned earlier, I don’t think I will visit this festival again in the future, unless I am in other parts of the world, say Japan. Perhaps there will be something different then, ok now, I got to get back to work again 😛

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  1. Sorry couldnt stay awake to go for the event, slept from 4pm till you called me and then continue sleep some more until 7pm 😛

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