A fulfilling trip to Chilling Waterfalls

Yesterday was great, I had a wonderful time hiking through the rainforest into one of the famous waterfalls in Malaysia. I initially organize the trip for Sophy’s benefit and even want to engage a nature guide to explain to us the many flora and fauna found along the way. However, so many things have happen since then and in the end she did not join us and was with her friend’s place the entire day (and night).

Anyway, I want to blog about my trip to Chilling Waterfalls instead. 🙂 It took us around an hour to reach the Sg Chilling which is also a fish sanctuary, so fishing is strictly prohibited at the area. We’re not allowed to feed the fish as well. We’re greeted by a monkey at the entrance (how nice!) but did not manage to take any pictures of it because it just wouldn’t stay still!

This is part of the magnificent view we had on our way to the waterfall. It’s really great, because we had fun at that particular spot , it’s like a natural jacuzzi with lots of fishes inside it.

And so this is the famous waterfall. No one dares to go too near it or else they will get sucked in by the current. It’s indeed very very strong, even the sound of it is deafening. Yet, we managed to see a bunch of guys climbing near the waterfall and diving into the water. Hhhmmm guys are reckless, but I’m not going to do it even though it looks fun!

So in the end, I’ve decided to go to the 6th river crossing, the one just before reaching the waterfall and stays there. There were a lot of fishes in there and all of it try to swim uphill against the current that is pushing them down the stream. It’s really admirable because they are persistent.

Both Darren and Ryan had so much fun! besides taking photos.

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