Dior J’adore

So Very Scent-tillating
‘Radiant, sensual, sophisticated, J’adore is a fragrance that celebrates the renaissance of extreme femininity and the power of spontaneous emotion with a brilliant bouquet of orchids, the velvet touch of Damascus plum and the mellowness of Amarante wood.’
Well I’m finally to my last drop of perfume, and I no longer want to buy another bottle of Sarah Jessica Parker’s signature scent. For some strange reasons I am always skeptical of scents inspired by actress/singers. They don’t seems to last and it reminds me of their career as well, after sometime, they just fade away and are forgotten. J’Adore is a lovely pick-me-up kind of scent. It is "white floral," which means that it is made up of light floral notes such as white rose, iris and the lighter scented flowers. The combination is not overpowering or too sweet, instead it reminds me of the lovely scent of a fresh corsage. Hhmmm maybe I’ve finally found my signature scent Party

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