My early morning musings

I went to bed early last night at around 8:30pm but somehow was awaken at 1am this morning and can’t seems to go back to sleep again.  So I’ve decided to blog instead. Despite having been to so many job interviews in the past, the one that I will be having tomorrow will prove to be different and I should say will be the most important session in my career development so far. I can’t help but to wonder what kind of questions that will be directed to me and whether I will be able to do well.
There are so many things for me to think and to plan ahead, whether it has to do with my current job and finding out the real reason for me to leave my current company, my next move or something else. I guess no matter what, knowing that I will be able to continue to improve and being able to expose myself  to more new challenges should be my main focus for now. Despite the slump in the economic world and the bad timing of such a transition, I know everything will turn out ok eventually. There are a lot of things that I wish that could have turn out differently though, but I know that no matter how hard I want things to be different, everything works together for good. Despite feeling a great sense of loss and deprivation, I just feel that a lot has changed, be it the people around me, my work focus, my boss…perhaps we have all matured in our own little ways without us realizing it, for now we see things differently and our priorities have changed.  
Yeah, I’ve no doubt that these are the stages of my life where I have to face courageously everyday. I’m confident that despite everything, I will be a better person in the days to come and continue to pursue my dreams. Nothing is impossible in life, but knowing that you are highly favoured, deeply loved and greatly blessed by God especially will definitely make you see things differently and make all these journeys worthwhile.

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