Dysfunctional workplace

Came across the following definitions which is rather interesting ….hahaha
  • Analysis paralysis. Chronic debating that obstructs the decision making process and leads to operational failure.
  • Breathing your own fumes. When executives actually start to believe the spin they spew out to the media, analysts, investors, customers and employees.
  • Committing political suicide. Pissing off or going toe-to-toe with your dysfunctional boss or some other self-important executive. 
  • CYA. Everyone should know what this means. It’s what weak, small-minded people do when they should be doing the right thing instead.
  • Disruptive management style. Euphemism for an executive who chronically swoops into meetings, mucks with projects, and generally makes everyone affected want to strangle him. 
  • End of quarter panic. The last week of the quarter when everybody wakes up and actually does their job. Usually followed by 11 weeks of partying.
  • Going down a rathole. When two or more people get into a non-productive argument over a hot topic where neither side will give in so it spirals out of control. 
  • Hallway meeting. Executives meet in some obscure place and make decisions in the absence of people who are actually responsible for this sort of thing. 
  • Ivory tower mentality. When self-important executives make decisions in a vacuum because they actually have deep feelings of inferiority and fear healthy interaction.   
  • Moral flexibility. I first heard this expression in John Cusack’s movie Grosse Pointe Blank. It’s when narcissistic executives commit fraud and think it’s fine. 
  • Passive aggressive behavior. When somebody agrees to a plan and then does something completely different without telling anybody. 
  • Sacred cow. A self-important executive’s pet project that’s immune to the company’s standard processes.
  • Silo mentality. When departments or divisions act as if they’re independent from the rest of the company, often in a defensive way (similar to bunker mentality). 
  • Strategy du jour. When dysfunctional executives consistently overreact to a single data point or hallway meeting and take the entire organization in a new direction.
  • Take it offline. What to do when people get completely off-track, often in a raucous display of childish emotion, in what’s supposed to be a productive meeting.

Can you identify chronic evidence of several of these afflictions in your company? 

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