The cost of being healthy

Long time ago, I used to be sick constantly. I can’t even stand being under the hot afternoon sun for too long because I know I will end up having fever. I guess I am still not very healthy now, but it has been really long time since I was last sick. I am not sure whether it’s the supplements which I took daily, but I guess that must be the thing which kept me strong and going despite the rather sedentary lifestyle I had. I guess you will be shocked to hear about the amount of vitamins and extra supplements I took daily to keep myself healthy.
Every morning I will take a glass of Reliv + Innergize drink which is suppose to deliver optimal levels of the essential vitamins, minerals, protein and phytonutrients necessary to support my overall well-being. I usually just have that every morning but these days I’ve also started taking spirulina, chorella, fish oil capsules and vitamin C + zinc! And to provide myself with good bacterias to aid my digestive system, I drink Yakult every day too. The best thing about Yakult is, the salesperson delivers it to my doorstep every 2 weeks so I don’t have to worry about stocking up or supplies running out etc.
Well, I don’t mind investing money into my health but I’ve really miss being sick Confused Yeah…most of my colleagues are occasionally sick and I actually envy them for it. I just think it’s not normal for me to be in great health most of the time, I need to be sick too!

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