My new addiction

Typical Teh Tarik
I’m a tea person and so besides the usual green tea that I had occasionally, ‘teh tarik’ (pull tea) is also my favourite especially when I hang out with my colleagues at work during tea time. It’s hard to get a good teh tarik because it has to be just right, not very sweet and not too frothy, well at least that’s my preference.
Recently, during one of my groceries shopping at Tesco, I came across a new range of new Nestle Teh Tarik which is low in sugar. It comes in those instant 3 in 1 pack in which the ingredients are instant tea, creamer and sugar. Well the concoction didn’t taste sweet at all and it’s just perfect for me and I can’t seem to have enough of it Tongue out I’m down to my last few packets now.

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