My cab ride

Being a regular cab passenger, I’ve came across many interesting rides. There is always this sense of mystery and expectancy when you take a cab. Wondering what cab you will be taking and what kind of cab driver you will end up meeting. Just as how there are different brand and types of cab out there on the road, there are also cab drivers with different personality and different stories. There are those that are rather grumpy, that gets easily irritated by the slightest thing. Then there are those who seem to be more in a rush than you and takes you on a ‘racing’ trip, which is both scary and exciting. Then there are those that are super chatty, who goes on and on, not leaving you with any peace when all you wanted in the morning was some peace and rest.

Then there are those that are just nonchalant and quiet, and I usually prefer that because sometimes all I want is just a quite time in the morning for me to reflect on what I should be doing for the day. But meeting the chatty ones, once in a while, makes the cab experience rather interesting as well. The stories they shared and the information they gave are sometimes rather inspiring or insightful.

I met a rather gentle and softspoken cab driver on my way to work this morning. He shares about his experiences driving passengers around town, how he handles his job and then he gave me advice about work ethics along the way as well. He said that once you have a business like that, you just can’t afford to be lazy and choosy or else you will lose out. He even shares information such as his daily income with me! So now I know how much a regular cab driver earns daily and it’s a lot…hahhaahha…but all in all, I think that just prove that if a person is hardworking enough, he will be able to do anything to make a living, and yes I don’t mind taking advice from anyone sincere out there irregardless of who they are.

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