When I was younger, I learnt drum in my church and know that it’s not meant for me. It’s easy enough but I just can’t feel the beat. When I tried learning piano from my cousin, I flop as well. Somehow there’s something about these instruments which doesn’t connect to me. Later on I pick up guitar in school and has been playing with it ever since. I knew I’ll never be ‘great’ with the guitar no matter how long I practice.

I knew deep down I wanted to learn violin but all these while I kept giving myself excuses after excuses. Excuse that I don’t have the time or the fact that it will be difficult and that the lessons will be too costly in the future for me is all the common excuses I kept giving myself. All I know is that I am limiting myself for reasons unknown. So it happened that one day I joined my cell leaders to pray for the new church building.During the time when I was praying in tongues, I had a vision of me playing violin and I felt so much at peace and God’s presence was so strong. The vision stuck with me when I got back home. I shared about the incident with everyone and told them that I saw myself worshipping God with the violin. The next day I went to music school nearby, signed up for lessons and get a brand new violin.

Time flies! And after completed 5 lessons with my tutor, I learnt to play my first hymn! Can you imagine? I’m finally able to play one of my favorite hymn ‘Nearer My God To Thee’ by Sarah Flower Adams. It’s the hymn played by the musicians during the last moment when Titanic was sinking down. I’m practicing to ensure that I am able to play it well, but one thing I’m sure is I’ve finally found the kind of instrument that is meant for me! I just wish I can overcome my hurdles of reading music notes next, whatever it is I will make sure I do my best! Yay!

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