I’m wondering what have I gotten myself into this time! Indeed ‘All Things Work Together for good’ 🙂 I have just signed up to learn violin from a genuine violinist prodigy! The story started a while back when I was still attending my previous church. We know the orchestra leader, Uncle Prody, back then and were in the same cell group together, however, I just was not ready to learn violin back then. Until about a month ago when I had that specific vision while praying at our new church.

What happened was right after I’ve gotten hold of my violin, I signed up with the nearest music school. My tutor is a pianist that has been playing the violin for about 4 years, perhaps we don’t clique but I don’t feel that she is the ‘right’ tutor for me. At the same time, Lester’s been pestering me to learn from the professionals. Uncle Prody stayed just a bit too far for me I feel. I can’t be possibly driving all the way to town for a half an hour of violin class and what more, we’ve lost touch completely! So how am I going to start?

I guess, God already knows everything in advanced and prepare a way for me to learn from the best. Apparently we found Uncle Prody’s contact and he’s staying and teaching violin in a resource centre nearby my home (about 15-20min drive) and what more, he’s willing to teach me for almost the same fees! Isn’t that awesome? I get to learn from the best and I am assured that I really learn from a violinist that has been playing  the instrument almost his entire life! I’m just so happy now, words can’t describe my feelings! And I can’t wait to start, but am nervous at the same time too! So I will continue my lessons with the other music school until I’ve utilize all my deposits and at the same time, I will start with Uncle Prody next week! Hooray!

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