I accidently noticed that my probationary driving license has expired since the 17th of this month this morning! So I had to rush all the way to town to renew my driving license. I have to visit the Road Transport Department because I need to change the license from probationary to permanent.

So I am officially a legal and eligible road user now. I recalled how over the past 2 years, some drivers like to bully me on the road while I was driving on the road, so it’s good to know that from today onwards no one can treat me as a new driver anymore because I have earned my license! Time sure flew by, I still remember the awful time I had while learning to drive. Can you imagine my driving instructor never even teach me proper safety features?! I dread to think of the idea of going through the entire lessons again!

My driving license will expires during my birthday in year 2017. I wonder how’s the world going to be like in another 5 more years to come.

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