This year our reunion dinner was once again at my uncle’s home. My bro-in-law was with us this year and we all get to know each other.

My cousin’s wife ordered a plate of dish, known as ‘Poon Choi’ or ‘Big Bowl Feast’ in which there are roasted duck, steamed chicken, fatty and minced pork, mushrooms, prawns, fish and some vegetables all within. Not sure why they would do that anyway, Poon Choi is never a traditional dish locally, it originated from Hong Kong. It cost a whopping RM288! in which I think is definitely overpriced. However, their reason being that we only feast like this once a year, so it’s a good time to splurge. Perhaps they are right?

We brought over steamed herbal chicken, traditional lot bak (pork spring rolls) and jiu hu char which is my mom’s specialty and my aunt cooked some soup and vegetables. Of all the food my mom’s herbal chicken was the favourite, followed by the pork spring roll.

We had jelly for desserts and I feel guilty because I ate so much! Oh well, it’s Chinese New Year right? what else is there to do besides eating? There will be another feast to go to before the New Year ends. Burp!











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