I learnt to make these pizza for dinner today. Gotten the recipe from a friend that managed to produce wonderful pizzas which everyone adores recently. It wasn’t really difficult at all, just the part where you need to knead the dough of course. And also the cutting and slicing of ingredients which can be a chore. The only part I enjoyed the most is when I stuff all the ingredients on top the bread and seeing the¬†mozzarella¬†cheese melts within the oven.

Well I have to admit that it wasn’t a perfect pizza, it’s more like a bun than a pizza, and the dough is a bit too thick, but presentation wise I think it looks good enough to eat right? Anyway, I’ve no complaints so far from those who tried it. They all love it. After all I make it in less than 2 hours! So I’m proud enough with my first attempt of it. I’ll definitely be trying something else with the remaining ingredients. If only I have more free time to experiment.

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