Yesterday was hectic! I have to go to the clinic for my medical check-ups and my mom scheduled the same appointment as well because we visit the same clinic. The check-ups cost me the entire morning and thank God I brought along a book to read while waiting. Later on we went for  brunch nearby before bringing my mom to the specialist hospital. According to her, her vision deteriorates ever since her fall a month ago. So the doctor wrote a recommendation letter for her to see the specialist, halfway through that, a client called up and I have to leave her at the hospital to take a cab home. (Yes, I feel bad, but I have no choice!)

Then I have to travel all the way to town, to run some errands at the bank and I actually regretted travelling there in the afternoon because of the jam! Right after the errands, I have to deliver printed materials for another client halfway across town! By then I’m already quite tired and was a bit worried I will end up sleeping on the drive home. So I stop by for a while at Baskin-Robbins and had ice cream. That was the most ‘enjoyable’ time I had so far because I get to savour my favourite ‘pistachio almond’ ice cream after a long, long while!

Reaching home, I took an hour nap before walking Teddy together with Lester. We had our dinner outside before coming home to work on stuffs again. I did laundry, folding and clean the floor (just the lower level and not the entire house!) I wonder how I managed to do so much really!

Ohh, I forget to mention that I also managed to bake my first rustic bread. I made it from a can of Budweiser and it turned out beautifully! I don’t even need to knead the dough at all! And it tasted exactly like the complimentary bread they provide in Italiannies restaurant where you dip it with olive oil and vinegar! So my friend, Elaine was right, bread is one of the easiest food to do. I wonder why would people still choose to buy bread when they can easily just do so at home on their own. It’s much more fresh and healthier, without all those artificial stuffs like bread softener or even flavoring and cheaper too! Anyway, I definitely had fun baking my own bread and I don’t think I will buy anymore bread from now on. The only thing which I desperately need now is probably a bread knife.

And of course by now it’s already pass 1am and I’m still blogging! I think I should go and sleep now so I can have an early start tomorrow.

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