I’m not sure whether it’s a blessing in disguise when I accidentally took the wrong turn on my way to Klang this morning. I’m supposed to be there at 11am today for a meeting with a new client. Klang is an area which I am not familiar with, it’s an industrial area with the shipping industry predominantly occupying it because of Port Klang. Anyway, I went out early because it was raining and since it’s friday, I assumed the traffic will be congested as usual.

Klang took me almost an hour drive to reach, and upon arrival, I miss the turning to the city and took a longer route through its industrial area before reaching the client’s office. To my surprise, the entire office is closed for business because the road in front has been flooded! Of course, the person in charge tried calling me while I was driving there and I missed the phone call entirely. Anyway, the meeting has been postponed to Tuesday next week instead, and this time it’s going to be in the afternoon instead.

I was thinking that if I were to arrive earlier, I will definitely be caught in the flash floods, so in a way, taking the longer route is a blessing in disguise. So all is good, and since I know where I am supposed to be going, I guess I will be able to arrange my time well in advanced.

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