Recently the weather has been terribly warm and the worse part about it is the fact that it’s also very humid! Imagine feeling sticky and warm during the afternoon even after you have showered. You just can’t help going back to the shower and doing it all over again.

Well I’ve check the weather forecast and guess what? The humidity level is almost 90%, no wonder! I dread to think of this coming Saturday when the level of humidity is supposed to rise to 95%! Anyway, this Saturday is another milestones for all the Malaysians, everyone will be sitting at Dataran Merdeka to campaign for a clean and fair elections. The current government has banned and make it illegal to participate in Bersih, but the organizer insist that they will carry on irregardless.

I never blog about politics in Malaysia, not because I don’t care about this country but I don’t think blogging about the political situation will help, everyone who is a Malaysian OR not knows about it from the news online. Bersih is not really a political agenda, it’s about having a clean and fair electoral system. A democratic country ought to be a transparent, otherwise it defeats the purpose of democracy.

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