Yippee! I managed to bake red velvet cupcakes for cell last night and am pretty pleased with myself. I wanted to bake 3 batches but unfortunately I ran out of buttermilk! (That’s one very difficult ingredient to get in supermarkets, trust me!)

The most important thing about the entire experience is the fact everyone loves it. The cream cheese frosting is just nice to my liking and isn’t too sweet. I had fun cooking 2 batches of cupcakes.

So everyone in the cell encourages me to go into food business because they like all my food.

For me, I cook because it helps me to relax, it’s like going for movies at the cinema or catching up with friends. I learnt a lot from all my experiences as well, such as being patient, adhering strictly to rules (recipes) and being extra careful with my decision because it cost me both time and money.

Learn to cook and do it well, and you will know what I meant.

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