As I was walking in the shopping mall for my grocery, I heard beeping sound which reminds me of Ultraman. Unfortunately for me, it’s just the sound of somebody’s device.

Yes, I grew up during the era of ultraman, watching this series as a kid even though I find it corny and badly outdated now. Imagine it has been like more than 50 years since this series first premiered in television the first time. It’s funny when I found out what’s it being called in Cantonese the first time. Apparently, the chinese called it ‘Hamtan Chiu Yan’ when you translate it directly it means ‘Salted Egg Superman’!

The Ultraman series still exist till this day and of course I no longer follow its adventure, no matter how hideous the monsters are or how noble his mission is. I remembered being really annoyed whenever Ultraman’s power/battery ran out and the famous beeping sound will start its never endless beeping until ‘miraculously’ the Ultraman will be revived and defeated the monster in front of him. (That’s why I used to think that he’s a robot too! But found out that he’s actually an alien that lives within human!) Sometimes he needs help, but there will always be good ending towards the end, that’s why all children admire him. The fact is the monsters should be more powerful because they don’t need any battery that needs charging and they have special powers, Ultraman is just there to saves the day.

Yawn…I think I’m too old for these now. Ganbatte Ultraman!

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