What if time could change everything

Time changes everything…or so they said, but the fact remains that it is not true. Things change because we’ve finally gathered enough courage to set things right and decide not to repeat the same mistakes again. The world we’re living in beckons us to fight for what we want in life because we got to be happy, to be selfish of our own needs first before we can take care of others. But what I feel is this gnawing emptiness that I’ve been going through the wrong directions for some time now. Why is that?

Have I been so concerned of my own personal needs that I’ve forgotten how difficult it once was before I get to know God? Have I forgotten the warmth and love that I experienced at every altar call knowing that no one can ever replace Him in my heart? And the joy of knowing that what I’ve been doing pleases Him despite how small or big an effort I’ve put in? I know there is a purpose for everyone’s existence on earth, whether to bring in joy or a sense of purpose to the life of others, we will need to do our part in what little role we’ve been entrusted by our Creator. Yet, it is so easy to forget that and for us to fail over and over again…we’re just so weak. I wish I have the strength to set things right again for all the wrongs before. It sounds like a giant leap for me for I’ve no confident that I’ll be able to do that but at least I’ve taken the very important first step, and that’s all that matters for now.

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