My afternoon with Mandy

My Saturday afternoon was spent catching up with a friend I met at work, Mandy. We had teppanyaki together and a brief shopping session before heading to Starbucks for a coffee break and cheesecake. Our conversation spans from work to relationship to our current lifestyles and what we plan to do for the future. I’ve always been impressed with Mandy, because he seems to be very assertive in my opinion. Being born a male did not deter him from what he really wants in life, that is to be a beautiful and intelligent female one day. Well to me she’s intelligent enough, having helped his company to be successful than it was before. He even owned part of the company now from all the hard work he has contributed. I guess the difficult thing that one experienced during their growing up years helps mold them to become better and stronger if it did not crushed their spirit first. I am thankful that I did not face the same difficulties as Mandy but at the same time, I learned and constantly find the challenges I faced along the way as part of my life’s journey to become the person I want to be one day 🙂
With Mandy at Starbucks

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