I can’t get enough of this song with its awesome lyrics! It’s so meaningful.

Hanya Kau Tuhan di hidupku
Kau berikan hidup yang baru
Darah-Mu menyucikan pulihkan hatiku
Kunyatakan Kau-lah s’galanya

Engkaulah sumber pengharapan
Kuasa-Mu sanggup menyembuhkan
Jiwaku pun berserah hanya kepada-Mu
Yesus Kau-lah segalanya

Kar’na salib-Mu kuhidup
Kar’na salib-Mu kumenang
Engkau yang berkuasa
Sanggup ‘tuk melakukan
Mujizat-Mu di hidupku

The meaning of the song in English:

Only You Lord in my life
You gave new life
Your blood purify and heal my heart
Indeed You are everything to me

You are the source of hope
Your power is there to heal
My soul shall submit only to You
Jesus-you are everything

Because of Your cross I am alive
Because of Your cross I am victorious
You are powerful
To carry out wonders in my life

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  1. I came across this blog page when searching the english translation of this beautiful song. I really I admired that you can continue writing this blog for several years. May all readers will get something and grow up more than before. Keep it up.

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