On the last day…

The last day of the exhibition went pretty well with the most visitors compared to the first 2 days of the exhibition. Everyone was exhausted and lunch hour went extra long because the thought of getting back to the booth to attend to inquiries sounds like a nightmare to everyone..hehehe. Needless to say by the time it was 6pm, everyone was so relieved and happy again. We managed to pack everything in 30 minutes and then started to wait for the lorry from 6.30pm onwards. Somehow the lorry did not come…and we kept calling the driver every 15-30 minutes. By 7.45pm we’ve given up on the driver ever reaching the loading bay because he seems to have lost his way in town! Thank goodness we managed to engaged another driver and get him and his workers to our venue by 8.15pm. By the time the loading was done, half of us head to the nearby Neway Karaoke at Times Square for a scream singing session to released stress and a buffet dinner…so I guess we do know how to have a good time towards the end. I’m not looking forward to another exhibition, but I think overall we’ve some pretty good leads and brand awareness from this event, so it’s money well spent at least from marketing and management perspectives.

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