The exhibition continues…

Today’s the second day of WCIT (World Congress on Information and Technology), after a tiring 2 days at the booth I guess it has finally taken its toll because I couldn’t even be bothered to walk out from the convention center for lunch and thank goodness there is a food court just below us. I tried to cover booth to booth and the entire exhibition area for brochures and halfway through it, I was called back to fill in for those that need to go for lunch break. Well looks like I need to go back for another long tour tomorrow anyway. Anyway, I managed to meet some pretty interesting people during my tour…especially the different countries pavilion. Holland has a really nice booth and brochures because they will be the next host country for WCIT, but they seems to be doing all the illegal things which were not allowed for visitors at the exhibition area..such as serving beers and using balloons for decor purposes. Mexico’s booth seems nice but very unapproachable for some reasons, even though they were looking for investors to invest in business in their country. The Koreans were very friendly and funny getting us to pose as their model for a sensor technology that looks complicated 😛 Taiwanese booth was empty. And as for the rest of the’s either too unimpressive or it’s not there.

We have a local channel news media that visited our booth and it went pretty well because they managed to take a  good shot of the booth and the staff. My CEO was happy because he received a lot of compliments that his booth was not only nice but filled with aggressive and beautiful young staffs promoting our solutions in the whole exhibition. I am happy to see that everyone work together as a team and co-operate really well.

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