My prayer retreat with my cell leaders and Lester went well throughout the weekends. We had a wonderful rest time and waiting on God to direct our paths. I came back feeling motivated to embark on my next goals. I just want to share the different pictures and wonderful scenery which reminds me of God’s wonderful creation throughout the journey.

We stayed in Golden Palm Tree Sea Villas and Spa at the Sepang Goldcoast, quite a mouthful for a new 5-star resort located near to the airport. It’s almost 2 hours drive away from where we stay but all is good because we don’t have to drive there on our own. It’s a very secluded area and there’s nothing much to do there unless you sign up for biking or outdoor activities.

Imagine, villas built on stilts on top the sea. It was breezy and very relaxing. I really like the room that is very spacious with modern contemporary interior design. It’s wonderful!

This is exactly how our room looks like. The bathroom is spacious and expose, we have to ensure that we close the curtains before taking our shower because we can see through the adjacent villas!

I’m still wondering what is the purpose of this bamboo stairs kept in all the villas, even those on the second level. For us to float? It’s just so weird.

There’s the yoga instructor practicing his handstand without anyone around. Poor guy, he must be bored.

Some of our food for breakfast, the photographer is too busy eating during lunch and dinner to take pictures of other foods. The food isn’t all too yummy but is sufficient for us in terms of portions size and variety.

Oh, because the villas are all a distance away from the reception and main building, we need to queue up for these golf carts. Unless we choose to walk to the villa instead, which we always do.

We saw a lot of pitaya/dragonfruit plants on our way to the resort. Dragon fruit is one of my favorite fruit. However we did not make a stop for it on our way home.

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