Crisis Management

Are women more prone to dealing with midlife crisis better than men? Are they more optimistic when it comes to dealing with the loss of their career, family tragedy, divorce etc. Well I seems to think so…men has always had a more logical stance when it comes to deciding factor but it has always been the women who provides the inspirations, adding more flair and a unique touch in solving problems or handling a situation. Yes, we scream, we breakdown, we cried over over our situations but eventually we learned and get over it. We never repeat the same mistakes too…and we get stronger and wiser as the years gone by.

One thing which never seems to make much sense to me, is the fact that women tends to talk out their problems and what’s bugging them at work or at home to people that they choose to confide in whereas man tends to keep mum about their situations. We draw out the problems and the issues which has been bugging us on a picture board, and then get counsel on how to solve them so they get over it. I hardly sees men talk about their problems unless the issue has become too critical or painful to solve. Could it be their ego which is preventing them from reaching out? Or they very confident that they are able to solve their own problems no matter what? If you are a man reading this and think I am so very wrong…please fill in your thoughts on this under comments for this post. I’m interested in getting to the root of things 🙂

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  1. I think your wrong and there is a very good scientific explanation for it. I cant remember exactly how it goes but will do my best to explain it in all its complexity.
    The theory goes something like this
    Girls are weak, chuck them in the creek
    Boys are strong, like king kong
    Hope this helps

  2. Yeah which makes me think that there’s obviously another trait which differentiates male and female…and in asia they call it ‘kiasu attitude’ direct translation to english would be ‘scared to lose’ 😉

  3. In a way, you both have portrayed the general outlook on why this is the case. Though this is a generalization, and not a statement to define the be-all and end-all in having many instances of exceptions to the topic, I do agree that women do tend to voice their emotions more easily than the male counterpart. It develops from part of the society we grow up in. Males are assumed to go through their childhood as devoid of emotions, growing up with a ‘harder edge’ on life experiences. It is often ridiculed by others when it is seen that a male is to show a lot of feelings and react to them for fear of being labelled less than a male for doing so.
    In contrast, female upbringing tends to automatically call upon a motherly instinct, caring more about the feelings and sense of belonging as part of growing up, fitting in and being affliated to others via these means. If they are not caring or compassionate, they are labelled as of a ‘tomboy’ nature in gorwing up similar to a male environment instead.
    People are moulding the way society will react from early stages of life, and though there is no right or wrong, it’s just the way it all results for the future.
    Your answer to ‘whether women deal with problems openly?’, short generalized answer is yes. Mostly due to the fact that it is socially acceptable to voice these opinions to others.
    And in conjunction, ‘for men to be open with problems in the open?’, generalized answer is no, due to the fact that social environment dictates to them that in fear of being classed as less than a man and more of a woman, he will be labelled as such to be emotionally voiced. This would be most evident in public, such as socially or professionally where such negative feedback is present most.

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