Noli illegitimi carborundum

Everyone seems to be affected by the stress syndrome lately. It’s the first quarter closing for my company and sales been rushing for figures. Management is worried about  the promises made to the principals which affect the image of the company. Accounts is worried about cash flow. Operations and technical are stressed with the increased amount of workload and the delivery of their services. And marketing is worried about the coming quarter end reports results and the soon to come activities, promos and campaigns. Sigh….the vicious cycle never ends….

I’m determine to leave work behind in the office this time. Meaning as soon as I’ve stepped out from the office, I will forget about everything and anything about work, not even bringing back my notebook home from work anymore, yay! It’s bad enough that my work took up more than 8 hours of my time on weekdays, I need time to properly plan and make sure that my personal life is not affected and are well spent as well.  I need to learn to smell flowers again, enjoy my walking session with Teddy, read any book (and not just on work!), improves my cooking (hahaha) and appreciate people around me more 🙂 Yeah…sounds easy to do, if only I don’t have to worry of when my remaining T4 gear will drop that is 😛

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