SERVAS meeting

The first SERVAS meeting in 2008 was fun with more members attending than usual. It’s one of the first canopy walk and picnic session in which get us to appreciate FRIM and nature. There were more than 10 of us and some traveled all the way from Johor Bahru (South of  Malaysia) just to participate and get to know all the rest of the members. I can’t wake up on time to join them for the canopy walk so just ended up having a short picnic session in which there were pasta, fried mee hoon, vegetable salad, teriyaki chicken, sushi, sandwiches and fruits. Talking about feasting, there were more  than enough food for so many hungry children and adults….we all agreed that the person who brought the tastiest food will be able to win a National Geographic poster of a painting of Buddha inside a cave. In the end Jeff won the poster because of his mee hoon that did not last for very long 🙂

Kiat, who is the president for SERVAS for Malaysia, agreed that we should have another meeting out of town in June. We might go for elephant rides in Teluk Gandar, Pahang or Cameron Highlands or even the Malay villages in Kota Bahru at the east coast. Hmmm, this club is becoming more and more interesting 🙂

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