Se a vida é

What makes a person an expert in love relations? Is it just because they have been in and out of relationship so many times that they have finally seen the light?! Everyone has their own perceptions and feelings toward love, they know what they were doing when they continue on a relationship with someone, doing the ight thing because they think they have finally found the right person they want to spend the rest of their life with but no one can ever understand how a person  feelings are towards the person they loved unless they are that person. So there is absolutely no reason for others to make assumptions towards other people’s relationship, because they don’t share the same experiences. No matter how much detail goes into a conversation, not many people is good in illustrating what’s inside their heart.

As far as I’m concerned, we’re human beings and despite our upbringing, the old school of thoughts about living happily ever after with the one you love….no one will be able to guess or plan ahead or be prepared when things changed. Everyone wants to have a perfect little family where everything is rosy and sweet, but reality usually prove to be otherwise. Nothing last forever in this world, feelings change as we grow older (I may like to read comics when I was younger, but not so much now), tragedy happens, attitude changes as we continue with our pursuits in life. Material things doesn’t last, the fact that 2 persons are trying to build their own family in an ever changing world is hard enough with issues such as responsibilities, added commitments, sacrifices without having to worry about whether those things will affect the relationship between a couple. So practically no one is able to ever pre-plan or fool proof their own love relationship to make sure that things or feelings remain the same all the time despite everything. That’s life! and just how it is…my advice is just to savour and treasure every seconds of your relationship with your loved ones.

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