It’s a doggie world

It’s hard to imagine that I used to have phobia over dogs…and if they are ever close enough to even sniff my feet, I’ll go into one of those paranoia frenzy! I am so grateful to Lester  for teaching me to overcome all that when I was younger. It’s something I never thought was possible to do, I wasn’t sure whether it’s the fact that I stayed in a flat during my childhood all the time and therefore have no interactions or opportunity at all to properly get to know them.

But ever since my fear was gone, I’ve come to know these wonderful creature and have been enjoying every second of my time with them 🙂 I can even recognize most of the dog breeds and some hereditary diseases which affect different breeds. I can never imagine I’ll be a true dog lover and want to do all I can to protect them from harm. I have scars and bite marks on my hands and legs from Teddy’s too eager playful bites, but I don’t really mind because I love him all the same and he has been a joy to have ever since I brought him home with me 🙂

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