My Thai colleague

My colleague, Yanee, from Bangkok has finally paid me a visit here in KL so we can both learn how to work together as a team within the company and get things done. I’m glad to learn that despite limited resources, Yanee is able to handle all the tasks assigned to her without me having to worry about it from here. That’s what I meant by having the right attitude at work rather than the right experiences or qualifications for a job. I know that everyone has their own learning curve and methods to complete certain assigned tasks. However, working with limited resources isn’t an excuse which should prevent anyone from finishing their work since all it takes is to put in more efforts and ensuring that everything is properly done.
We had a fun time chatting and getting to know about each other since I only managed to talk to her for a brief period of time, before leaving her there in Bangkok for the big challenge of managing marketing division. Well at least, she have a clearer guidelines of how I do my things, reporting, analysis and the way I handle events in Malaysia. I just hope that she has the determination to work things through on her own when situation calls for it and be able to respond to everything in a systematic manner. We have a lot of meals together and then a nice luncheon at Madam Kwan in KLCC before her flight back in the evening.

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