Welcoming the Tiger Year

This year’s Chinese New Year celebrations is a whole lot different than all the years before. Not sure how to describe it really, but the festive mood just isn’t the same, and surprisingly, I don’t crave ‘bakkwa’ as much as last year! There are hardly any sounds of firecrackers at night and hardly any Chinese New Year programmes on TV. It’s like a very depressing new year actually, come to think of it! Anyway, I still need to put up some pictures online, so that my cousins abroad can see what’s happening at home 🙂 I hope they are grateful at least 😛

My reunion for this year is with my sister, her in-laws and siblings. See the wide array of food consisting of fish, chicken, abalone, vegetables, sea cucumber with mushroom and fish maw, prawns, scallops and my mom’s famous ‘jiu hu char’ (fried turnips and carrots with cuttlefish and pork). Ji Yoon joined in the dinner but was camera shy for some unknown reasons. Dinner was good.

As with every year, we just can’t miss out on this auspicious dish known as ‘Yee Sang’ aptly translated ‘Live Fish’. I bought it from Jusco and it was one of the best Yee Sang I’ve tasted for this year, the price was reasonable for a complete set with raw salmon and it’s own tray as well! So that was my 3rd Yee Sang dish for this year. I had some of those before with friends when we all gathered to catch up over dinner together

And so, I’ll continue with the next part tomorrow, there are so much to update and I am getting so tired after my coming home from Singapore tonight…yawn… oh yeah before I go, Ji Yoon gave both me and Lester a heart shaped cookies each for Valentines’ Day. Was sweet of her to do so even at times she drives me up the wall! I just wish that she value her own education more. Now, perhaps that’s too much to ask for a teenager that hates studying. 😛

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