It’s the same time of the year, Chinese New Year and the long holidays ahead. It’s not my favorite season, with Christmas being just over and the celebration of New Year, it’s just ridiculous to celebrate another major holiday I feel. So every time when Chinese New Year is around the corner, I will have these yearnings to be off on an island somewhere. And somehow that NEVER happens! Sigh…

This year I thought that perhaps instead of visiting relatives, I will play some online game. However, I can’t spend ALL my time online either because my mom is now staying with me!!! With her around, I have no choice but to visit the relatives. But it’s good though because instead of 3 different houses as with all the year before, we just visited my aunt and my sister’s home. I can’t imagine how Chinese New Year will be when the old folks are no longer around. I don’t think there will be anymore visitation anymore then, because we cousins hardly talk to one another except in Facebook once in a while. But who cares? We’re cousins, not friends.

This year I baked some cream puffs for the gathering, but it did not goes well because my custard cream was too watery. But it was popular among the kids. They all love it! Well, I hope this year will turn out to be all right, after all it’s supposed to be my year! The year of the Snake.

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