The grand finale

It’s great to know that all the hard work and efforts pay off at the end of the day. I’ve been given 2 weeks to work with the agency of choice to ensure that my event turns out right. We’re launching 2 latest notebooks which is very much different from the current ones that we currently have. It’s scary because I have to ensure that I work according to the budget and we’re having the launch at one the famous nightspots in the city.
The worse that could happen is if it rains, and guess what? the whether report did mention that there will be storm happening from 7pm onwards till late in the night! Just look at the picture during the set-up at 4 in the afternoon, the sky’s really dark!

So since there’s really nothing that we can do except to pray that the whether gets better. Eventually it did rain, but believe it or not, it stops right before my event begins! See? God answers prayer! And so we have our presentation to the media within Crystallo, the indoor area of Luna Bar while serving them canapes and drinks. We hired a professional emcee that is the host in one of Astro’s local chinese channel.

After that we proceed to the opening gimmick, where my Country Manager unveiled the backdrop outdoor.

And then the professional models started their catwalk.

And then it all ends with the group photography with all the important VIPs and models.

We even get the models into the pool with the laptops to showcase that the new notebooks are spill-resistants. The night proceed with games with our business partners, lucky draws and nice spread of buffet dinner while the rest of the team network all the way.

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