I just got back from watching Star Trek last night and it was a great 2 hours in the theatre. I don’t have anything to complain it’s just that I don’t think there’s any ‘real’ chemistry between Spock and Uhura. Not in terms of appearance but personality, uggghhhh, how exactly do you fall in love with a cold fish Uhura? You have too much soul and personality and for someone that can speak so many languages it just doesn’t make sense.

Anyway, apart from the story line, I’m not really a fan of anyone within the show, everything just looks so fake since it’s science fiction. But I enjoy the adrenaline rush of the crew trying to save their spaceship from crashing and the endless chase of the fugitive.

I don’t mind watching it all over again, just to listen to Spock’s reasoning. But I don’t think Lester is a real fan. So we’re waiting for the next summer blockbuster show. Ironman 3 wasn’t very impressive either, again I’m not complaining but it could have been better. Wish it really could have been better. Perhaps Superman will make up for it all.

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