To be honest, I am not a fan of jelly cake. It used to be quite popular a while back during children’s birthday parties, where parents actually preferred to order jelly cake for their child instead of the regular chocolate sponge cake. Apparently, jelly cake is much more healthier and had more fiber content.

I received invitation from the bakery shop nearby my house to learn how to make jelly cake. Curious as to how they make it to multiple layers and different colors, I decided to sign up. Well, apparently they double boil the cooked jelly so it won’t harden and with that, we have time to mix in different colors and pour it into different layers. I learnt how to make sunflower, tulips, daisies etc. all handcrafted as well. Initially it’s quite interesting, but I became impatient through the color mixing process and the wait time for the jelly to set. And that is why, out of all the participants, my jelly cake is the least beautiful.


I get to know some people in the class, an Indian lady is really good with her creation, I personally think that her cake is the nicest in the class. Her mold is supposed to be the dress of a Barbie doll, unfortunately, they’ve ran out of Barbie doll for the cake. So it’s just a cake without any toppings. The funniest thing is I get to know my opposite neighbor during the class. Can you imagine??! Only when we started talking to one another and exchange information on where we’re from, I found out that she stays across the street! LOL! Anyway, the teacher asked us to view his creations through Facebook and I found some really nice jelly cake. Such as these…

barbie jelly    barbie_doll

I am sure a lot of little girls will be very excited upon seeing their favorite doll as their birthday cake. According to the chef, a cake like this fetch around RM200 in the market. It’s not really hard work, but requires a lot of patience and it’s just not my thing. I don’t mind  making it for fun once in a while though, for example it will be a really LONG while before I make the jelly cake again. It makes me wonder, sometimes, I think I will just go to classes that teach the kind of food that I will make frequently, such as cream puffs. I’ve done so many batches I don’t remember now.

Then I also attended the class which taught me how to make nougat. It’s really good of course, the freshly made soft nougat with dried cranberries and almonds, but there’s just too much hassle. But it’s good knowledge that sugar can comes in so many different forms, such liquid sugar, molasses, rock sugar etc. I love nougat a lot, but then again to make the nougat, I will need to purchase a special termometer and the process is quite tedious because I have to be able to endure tremendous heat in handling the freshly cooked nougat. So it’s another thing which I won’t want to make even though I know the recipe. I’d rather buy it from the store.

Yeah, that’s me, I wouldn’t be interested to make something if I’m not in the mood for it. I’m not one of those that will make nougat for fun. Perhaps when I retire someday.

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  1. Hi, may I know where is the class? I’m interested to learn, but unable to find class that teach jelly cake. How much is it per session?

    1. Hi Mary, maybe you can get more information from the Bakery Shop I go to at …Baker’s Mall Kepong
      27 Jalan Medan Putra 4, Medan Putra Business Centre , Taman Menjalara, 52200 Kuala Lumpur. Tel/Fax: 03-62720296

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