It has been a long while since I last swim in any pool. Imagine my happiness when I found a place that I can go to for free whenever I want to. I wish the pool is just walking vicinity from my house though, but perhaps I am asking for too much. I am thankful that the pool is at my client’s office and he allows me to use it whenever I want to. One thing I like ¬†about the pool is the fact that there’s no one using it at all. So the density is low, unlike all the public pools in KL.




I have a nice view as well surrounded by tall buildings and to top it off, there’s a gym and sauna area where I can use for free. So it’s really quite good for me to workout there, the only problem is to make sure I wake up early enough to travel there to swim. Then once done, I just need to head down to my client’s office and work there for the rest of the afternoon. It’s quite a conducive work area and since I design the office, I know where everything is. The office people are all very nice to me as well.

So, I don’t really need an office to work in since I can work at my client’s place. I just wish my notebook is lighter!

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