My new schedule

Eversince Jiyoon stays with us, we have to move out from the house at 7am so that she will be on time for her school. I feel terrible today, because she was late for school and it’s all my fault Tongue out Fetching her to school is not really an issue because we have to wake up to go to work anyway, we just have to wake up earlier than usual that’s all! However, fetching her home from school is a pain! Sometimes I’m late and sometimes she is and the whether is extremely hot in the afternoon too! Not sure whether I am up to all these ‘mom’ roleplaying because it’s really so hard!!!!!
Why is it hard? Well it’s because I’m dealing with a teenage girl, I have to ensure her well being and make sure she learns English and it’s not always easy because she has her moods. My sister was laughing at me earlier over the phone because she knows I’m stressed up with all the fostering stuffs and the fact that I am not a ‘mother’ which is not helping the situation at all.
I’ve started tutoring her for an hour earlier and it went quite well, so it looks like I haven’t lost my teaching skills despite it being a long while Smile So far, everything works out well because she’s not a very difficult girl, just that she can’t communicate very well yet, that’s all. I’ve created a schedule for her just to provide some guidelines on what she should be doing everyday and there’s no objections Smile but I am not VERY strict in adhering to it because I don’t want her to cry herself to sleep at night.

And as for me, I’m extremely exhausted because I have to juggle with work work and at the same time handling more queries for Epicturesk. I seriously wish this month will ends soon. Not sure whether all these changes are good for me? I’ll have to wait and see I guess.

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