Being Blessed

Today I found out the ‘real’ meaning of being blessed Smile Apparently, being blessed is not about being rich, not about having the biggest house, not about being popular but being surrounded by good friends that really care about me. Perhaps I’m naive, but I know I have a dream that I have to realized, so a good friend will be someone that will not only wishes me well and success, but will encourage me to be better in my chosen endeavour Smile
So today turns out to be better than what I’ve expected, with well wishes from everyone I know, and encouragement for me to work hard to achieve what I’ve always wanted. I figured the age of innocence and learning is well over, I’ve seen and been through enough in my 20s and everything just seems to be repeating itself. Petty politics, power play amongst the lower management vying for attention, tyrant bosses with expectations that can never be met which are everything in a day’s work these days. Now that I’m in my 30s I really want to work and plan towards my dream so that when I am in my 40s I will be ready to share my experiences and wisdom to the younger generations and encourage them to do better.
Well I can always plan, at least I know I am not doing something mediocre and being unhappy for the rest of my life. I’m so looking forward for the many challenges ahead and can’t wait to start. I’m actually going to start the process even this week. Wish me the best! My journey in the coming days will be so different from now on! Party

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