I completed my baking class a few days ago. After attending several baking classes, I begin to see the same trend in every class. They want us to use their products whenever we bake and of course anything else will not be encourage.




This time around I managed to learn to bake healthy and wholesome bread. Instead of using just white bread flour, we learn to mix with rye, oats, wholemeal etc. So we baked Honey Oats Rolls, Wholemeal Loaf and Multigrain Rolls. The chef taught us the traditional method of baking bread where we knead the dough for a long time with our hands to develop the gluten. It wasn’t very fun of course because it involves hours of kneading by hand and thrashing the dough on to the table. They even provide kitchen helpers to help us knead the dough!

Anyway, we only did this hand kneading for the first bread recipe, once we know the texture, then it’s time for us to prepare the dough using a machine so that the dough will be ready in no time!

Last week I tried to ferment my own batch of yeast. It is still very much alive, and I can’t wait to try mixing the leaven into the bread that I will be baking. I’m supposed to be baking this on Sunday, unfortunately, due to church activities I will have to postpone it.

For some weird reasons, baking relaxes me, especially after the bread is produced and distributed to friends. One of these days I will take a picture of them while they are enjoying the bread I baked.

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