I had Happy Meal the other day and guess what toy I get? It’s Baker Smurf and I like to bake! So it just cheer me up that day. Not long after that, I thought I’ll try to have another toy and again I managed to get another Baker Smurf.

I’ve been putting the Smurf on my car’s dashboard now, and the other Baker Smurf I gave away to a little boy. Since I’m blogging about McDomalds, I’m pretty amazed that they are venturing into gourmet coffee business. So instead of Starbucks, their coffee is much cheaper and has ‘almost’ the same quality I guess.


On top of ┬áthat they have a wide selection of delicious cakes. Not sure whether I will ever get used to drinking coffee and having dessert there. But it’s economical compared to other coffee outlet.

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