The Nokia Lumia 1020 has finally made its appearance in the local market! It wasn’t very very well received because of its price tag at RM2,399 which is the same as the latest iPhone 5s here. However, for those who have been using Nokia Lumia phones all these while, they are willing to do almost anything to get it I guess.

The 41-megapixel Pureview sensor includes optical image stabilization, 6-lens Zeiss optics, and a xenon flash, making it the centerpiece for the rear of the phone. Nokia released a Pro Camera app with the Lumia 1020 to take advantage of the sensor and manually adjust flash, focus, ISO, white balance, shutter speed and exposure. It’s like having a SLR with your phone! I enjoy being photographed not so much taking the pictures itself because my Lumia 920 is rather sufficient I guess. So it’s Lester’s dream phone.

The only reasonĀ thatĀ I don’t like about the phone is the lack of accessories to go with it. For now, you can’t even get a leather casing even after the phone has been launched! It’s the same problems I encountered when I purchased my Lumia 920 which is almost a year ago! I remember I was one of the small percentage of customers that pre-order the phone, so Nokia even sent me RM200 worth of vouchers which I did not utilise because there’s practically nothing to buy! My new phone is practically not protected for some time, and I have to wait for a really long time before I am able to get the casing.

Other than that, I am very happy with the GPS and the camera in my phone. So, I won’t be enjoying the 1020, BUT at least I get to be photographed!

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