My friend posted in his Facebook, an article which captures my attention in regards to a man in China that successfully sued his wife for giving him ugly children. Initially it sounded like a cruel joke, unfortunately it’s true, you can read all about it here

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The thought never occurred to me that ugly people will produce ugly descendants, especially those who have had plastic surgery. I’ve seen ugly couples with beautiful kids although it’s rare, but it happens! So anyway, in the first place, there’s this question of why a person would need plastic surgery? They need it to lie to themselves so that everyone can accept them, or they can’t stand the way they look in the mirror? No one knows.

I’ve interacted with beautiful females and handsome males before; however it’s sad to know that their over obsession with their looks makes them think that the world centers around them and that they can get the upper hand in almost everything. It’s worse when their grey matters suffers such disillusionment most of the time. Yes, I have had my fair share of encounter with bimbos and hunks and every time leaving me feeling unpleasant and not impress with their personas. Some of them can be so shallow it makes you wonder whether there’s a soul within the body.

The pursue of beauty amongst females is as old as time itself. No one can blame a female for wanting to looks different and appearing more special to her counterparts? So my take in regards to the story of the Chinese man suing his wife is that he ought to be ASHAMED of himself. Didn’t he knows that his children inherited part of his genes as well? So why blame his wife entirely for producing ugly offsprings?? They are part of his equation too! And to think he actually won the case is ridiculous! Of course, the undeserved victims to the story (the children) will all end up having to grow up with the trauma knowing that their parents divorced because of their appearance, which can’t be help. Who’s going to counsel the children and help them overcome the emotional scars left over by their irresponsible parents?

For all I know, they might end up hating their physical appearance so much that they will end up having plastic surgery when they grow up! And so the cycle never ends…sad.

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