Yesterday was a totally packed day for me, I went to a client’s place for photography and ended up playing with baby Milly! She was so cute and it has been a really long while since I last play with any baby. I was working with Tom on his company’s website. He has just shifted here from UK with his family and he told me that his son was loving his school here. It’s good to know that they are enjoying their stay in Malaysia. Anyway, my photographer managed to captured a good shot of me holding Milly while she’s looking eagerly at her toy. She’s so adorable, I wish I can loan her for a few days at home.

The other day I was at Happy’s house, and he wanted to follow me home! He’s so funny, because he kept asking me to carry him and then he was clinging to me like a glue the entire time I was there! Hhhmm, I’m still wondering why he wanted to follow me home.

I wish I have a dog inside my house now. Teddy is not much of a pet these days ever since he’s blind. Not sure whether I should continue to train him, he’s doing much better now and know his place and surroundings. Recently he’s been infected with ticks and I have to send him to the pet salon to have it all removed. It’s crazy. There are ticks everywhere around him and I felt guilty for not taking better care of him. I’ve been so busy and always had something on, but he’s clean now so all is good again.

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