Today is the last day of Alpha with video presentations from Nicky Gumbel, it’s a bittersweet moment for me because for the past 13 weeks we have been faithfully staying back every Sunday to facilitate the group that has been assigned to us. I regret to say that due to my busy schedule, I feel I have not been doing a really good job in keeping in touch nor following up with everyone. I did not make enough phone calls, nor sms, nor watsapp, nor reminders or prayed enough. I wish I could turn back the time and redo everything. However, I can’t. I tried though and I hope it’s good enough.


I gave everyone on my table fridge magnets as a gift away presents and they were so happy that it make me feel happy! I made those using God’s words and I hope it will remind them to read the Bible. Half way through Alpha, after the announcement regarding the celebratory week was made, the oldest couple amongst us stood up and started dancing with one another! They were so happy and in love, it was so sweet to watch. I guess everyone had the same thoughts in their mind, whether they will get to live to that age and still get to spend quality time with their loved ones.


Anyway, we still have next week to go through and it’s supposed to be a celebratory week. We were all asked to wear ‘RED’ not necessary has to be a shirt, it can be jeans, scarves, hairband, shoes etc. I was just wondering what to wear and suddenly, my sister who just got back from India, bought me a ‘RED’ shirt! Can you imagine? It’s like God already knows what’s on my mind! So I was thankful together with all the gifts she bought back home for us, including the Olive Oil and fridge magnet on the Lord’s Supper from Israel.

Then we chatted for awhile we’re at her home, it’s been some time since we’ve last seen each other. I found out that one of my nephew is still jobless in Melbourne after staying there for a few months. So my sister will be flying in to meet them both next month. I will need to pray for him that he will find his directions in life soon. Approaching mid-twenties and still surviving on allowance from his parents isn’t the kind of life I envision him in. I expected him to be a Chef, a Sous Chef even rather than a Barista but since he likes the job so much, I’m thinking that perhaps he can make a difference there. I really hope things will change for him soon.

As for me, I have so much to look forward to, I will need to continue in my next blog post…

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