When I first starting the business on my own, I was pretty naive because all I ever wanted was to be a freelancer forever! Thinking back, I still remember how everything started in the beginning. Those days I don’t dare to get up late at all and would feel guilty about slacking. As times passes by, I developed a different sleeping patterns whereby I would sleep during daytime and is awake till the wee hours in the morning. I mean not literally the entire day, but I will be waking up later than the usual 9-5 personnel. It was really tough because I have a lot of ‘1st’ experiences and do not know what to expect or even what to do. All I know back then was, I really want to make my self-employment works, and that no matter what, I can never go back to my previous option of being employed by any organisation.

During my first 2 years I’ve always wondered whether I should give up and return to a regular job, business weren’t doing exceptionally well back then, but it wasn’t all that bad either because I have enough on my hands to keep me busy most of the time. I encounted a crisis during my 3rd year when I hardly had any projects going to sustain my lifestyle. That was a very loud wake up call for me when I realize I can’t pay my bills on time and perhaps I’ve done something wrong. Well, I always believe that when the going gets tough, God is trying to tell us something, and it really got me thinking and of course started working really hard in order to settle my problems back then. Things of course turn around, after putting in so much hard work, praying and being in the right place and the right time, meeting new clients and gaining favour, it’s not surprising that business managed to survive and is coming to its 4th year now!

I’m happy to say that pretty soon, in the coming year, I will have my very own staff! I’m so excited and at the same time worried of the future; I know very well that the business has really brought me so far now, and there’s no way for me to go back to a freelancing life after this. I mean the company can only continue to grow from 1 employee to 2 and perhaps 3 in the future right? I will not know how it will goes…but as of now, I am contented knowing that I have an employee that I can trust reporting to work every day instead of relying on part timers!

Pretty soon, I will no longer need to stay up till 3am in the morning during weekdays because I can delegate some of my responsibilities to my new team member! I really can’t wait! I never thought that it was possible for me to break through a 1-person mode. For a long while now, I never thought that it will happens despite all the projects I’ve been getting. In fact it was impossible thinking where to get the additional help, whether I can trust the person or whether he/she can deliver. However, everything falls into place as soon as I managed to identify the person to help me out. The only thing that I need to do now is to make sure that I have everything ready before he joins me in January next year! I can’t wait but at the same time wondered whether I will ever get used to working with an employee. But I know I’ve really earned it after working so hard all these years. Oh well…let’s see how things are going to churn out in the coming days…

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