So the theme in church for this year’s Christmas is the Blessed ‘Hope’. Everyone was wearing blue with white and the church as usual was packed to the brim. Those who were late did not managed to get into the auditorium and instead have to sit at different levels of the building.

I personally do not wish to go to church during Christmas Day, not because I do not have reverence for the day and it’s significance. But I do not wish to take up seats that I feel should be reserved for those that has yet to know Jesus. There are still so many people out there that do not go to church regularly and only attend church on special occasions such as Christmas, Easter or New Year etc. I’m not sure what church means to them maybe it’s another commercial celebrations where they come to see shows or performance and listen to nice Christmas carols. I don’t like the idea that the season that means so much to mankind has become so commercialised.

Anyway, my Christmas was good because I get to reflect on the entire year. I feel that 2013 is indeed a jubilee year for both of us, we’ve been set free from our burdens and is able to work towards our goal and be a blessing to others. All these are impossible without prayers and support from close friends and of course, blessings from God.

Irregardless, of what anyone think, Jesus is indeed the restorer who reconcile us back to God. It’s Christmas season, but instead of Christmas carols, this song by Kim Walker-Smith, a popular American worship leader praises God beautifully and is my worship to Him who has given me so much that words cannot describe the wonders of it all.

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