Call me a doting mother. I love my little girl too much, that I always thought of bringing her everywhere with me. She’s officially 5 months now! How time flies, I can still remember the moment when I brought her home and it was just like yesterday. I guess that’s how they outgrow their clothes in a matter of weeks huh? Through milk!

Tasha has just taken her last vaccinations this year from her paediatrician. She cried seeing the doctor rather than the pain of being injected! Apparently, there are some strangers that she just can’t get along with. For the rest of us, she will just be smiling her normal happy smile. Yes, she is still a bubbly baby and once you see her, you just can’t get enough of.

Well, I’m not boasting really, but I am just happy that all things work out well for her and us. And all parents concern of is to see their child grow up happily till adulthood. My transition into parenthood isn’t without its own dramas and difficulties. Sometimes I have problems taking care of her that I have to bring along to see my client. Thankfully, my client don’t mind and Tasha did not give me any big issues like crying uncontrollably.

I guess that’s how it is being a parent, your lifestyle changes, you are forced to sleep earlier, be more responsible in your spending and always worry about the condition of your child. Or am I the only one that feels that way? I’m not sure. But surely I enjoyed our time bonding as mother and child. Tasha knows that I am her mom and is special. I just wish that everything will work out well for her and us all as a family.

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