Yes, it’s a very big mystery to me how I ended up here doing the cafe business while trying my best to focus on Epic’s business at the same time. However, my focus seems to be on the cafe venture rather than my core business! I seriously don’t know how it all end up here…

Well, the other lady partner that I am supposed to be working with just gave up her entire shares of the business and decided to venture into her own with her bunch of friends. So it’s just me alone handling the entire cafe now and it’s lonely, scary and miserable. Now on top of having to take care of Tasha, I have my hands full! At times, I wish that the other partners will give up on the cafe venture as well, however, they’ve decided to persevere. We’re planning to give the business a little more time to recuperate from all the investments on equipments, renovations and wrong hiring of cafe crew.

At times I wish I don’t have Epic and have all the time in the world to run the cafe properly. However, Epic’s been bringing in profits all these time and I practically started Epic with zero capital and just my talents. I’ve run the business for almost 5 years now and just when it’s starting to show me some real fruits, the cafe venture sort of get in the way of my progress.

I’m not sure what to do now. I spoke to a consultant (an experienced cafe owner) and we are considering hiring her to help revamp our cafe operations, she told me that to be in food business, one have to learn to manage it themselves. We can’t just leave it to some foreign staff and expects them to handle things properly for you. It’s a very hands-on business. Somehow her words got stuck in my mind and from then I’ve been giving it a very thorough thoughts on how I am supposed to handle things. Perhaps God wants me to be there? A lot of things happened which I have no control of and it’s so happened that some things improved. I get to know more people in the building, talk to them to understand their food preferences and all. I am hoping that the cafe will indeed work out.

I’m planning to change the name from ‘The Koala Cafe’ to either ‘Something’s Brewing’ OR ‘Coffee Talk’ I’m not sure which sounds better. And as usual, my weekends are all occupied with cafe matters instead of any other activities. I really hope business will improves soon.

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