There’s been a lot of doubts and fears when I took over the operations of the cafe ever since the other partner pulled out on the 21st of October. However, the rest of the partners all have faith in me that I will be able to do a great job.

The first thing I did was to revamp the menu, I have yet to designed the printed menu, but the first thing I did was to ensure that we serve good food. So, I tried my best to work with the Filipino kitchen helper to come out with something new, however, to my dismay I found out that not only she has poor eyesight, she has no sense in ensuring that food is properly stored and repeatedly burnt the food she cooks etc. I remembered one time, a customer complained that her burger was not cooked properly. After that I’ve never seen her frequent the cafe anymore.

Then there’s another time, I tasted rotten chicken meat in the fried noodles! I was quite mad then and actually scolded the kitchen helper and warning her to smell, taste and ensure that the food she cooks is ok to consume! Not only she did not apologize, she ends up hating me, perhaps I am much younger than the other lady boss, who pays her salary on time monthly and also give her weekend part time job to clean her home.

So on the first week since I took over she complained of gastric pain after I yelled at her for poor time management. It’s not just a 1-way yelling, she actually yelled back at me in anger as well. Then straight after that, she’s been getting her friend who is supposed to be in charged of cleaning to handle everything in the kitchen! I was quite pissed and so instructed her to go see a doctor, get some rest and medications. I even gave her money to go see a doctor. Then the next morning, she SMS me to informed that she’s still in pain so she did not show up for work. The next day, there was no news from her anymore except her friend telling me that she is still sick.

Well, I couldn’t tolerate such attitude and started looking for another cook from the day she starts to give me excuses. To be honest, I don’t really trust that she is ‘that’ sick. I’ve experienced gastric problems in the past and it doesn’t take me that long to be healed. Anyway to cut the long story short, I managed to get another willing cook through a favour from a worker that I used to helped in the office. In fact she is willing to start work next week to my delight! So my problem was easily resolved.

As for the Filipino worker, she actually requested for her friend to deliver her pay for her during work hours and I did not approve it. So she has no choice but came to the cafe to collect her last month’s pay pretending to be in pain and returning the cafe keys. Of course she tried so hard to create a scene at the cafe by banging the table with her fist at me and shouted at me that she wants to resign because I treated her badly without even listening to me, and when I speak, she pretended to faint to the ground. When I offered to bring her to the hospital, she said no need and just want to go home! Uh huh, so am I to blame when I remain skeptical of her true intentions???? Which is to create trouble in the first place? It’s just a matter of time before I sack even the cleaner from the cafe! I’ve had enough of Filipinos and their lazy ways! Feeling unsatisfied, that lady tried calling the other partner complaining that I do not trust her! Well of course I don’t after all the lousy food she served before! No wonder the cafe business drops so much!

So back to the cafe, I am happy to say that ever since her departure, the cafe business has improved. I tried introducing quality food and also cheaper food variety for everyone. Our volume has picked up, there are new regulars in the cafe now. I also make sure that sandwiches are prepared in boxes for the convenience of all the office workers instead of having to wait for it to be prepared behind glass window. At the same time, I also tries to decorate the cafe walls and turn on radio so that the atmosphere in the cafe isn’t so gloomy and quite. For the decor, I am still not done, and hope I can continue to work on that.

I am glad that my ideas and efforts paid off, our sales increased on the past 2 weeks eventhough the price for some of the food items has been reduced. Our price being lower is now much more friendly to the office workers. The new cook is amazing as well! Eventhough an Indonesian, she knows the local flavours well and hope to cook some good food. We’re all excited with the new range of menu she’s bringing to the cafe.

God is really good, He sent me help knowing that I wanted to give up and hopefully things will work out well in times to come because I won’t be around everyday next month. I can say that the new cook is really God sent! Praise the Lord!

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