Even though Tasha’s 1st birthday is on the 20th of March, we’ve celebrated the event 5 days earlier. It so happened that the 15th of March is our 12th wedding anniversary, so indirectly, we have double celebrations.

I did not invite a lot of friends during Tasha’s birthday, it’s supposed to be a small family gathering whereby relatives can catch up with one another while relaxing and enjoying the food at the cafe. I’ve also invited new cell members from the church cell group we’ve joined for the past year.

Natasha Party

The caterer was wonderful and we had more than enough food for everyone. Almost half of my invited guests did not show up which explains the leftovers! Perhaps I forget to remind them, or maybe my invites aren’t interesting enough. Not sure, but it’s pretty difficult to get people to come to any private functions these days, and it’s fast becoming a trend these days, Malaysians aren’t as sociable as before I have to say or maybe it’s the sluggish economy and everyone prefers to stay home instead of socialising?

Organising the birthday party for Tasha was a big headache, I can’t decide whether to employ an event stylist to help out with me, get a clown for the children, bake or buy the cake? Everything comes to decisions and more decisions…

In the end, I decide to ditch everything and just go back to the basics. I get a friend’s help to bake a rainbow cake for her, which she did and she designed a nice little pony on top of the cake together with her name in it. It was a beautiful blue cake! At the same time, I had fun rolling out the fondant and designing quirky animals face for the cupcakes I baked using premix. I did that together with Lester and Ken and we all worked till 2am just to complete it! We’re quite happy with the end results though.

2015-03-15 16.17.11-2We baked the cupcakes for the children who are attending the party of course. And Tasha really loves seeing the animals face, so it’s an effort that we’ll never regret even if it caused us our sleep.

Weeks earlier, I decided to sew a new romper for her to wear during her birthday party. It took me a long time to find the patterns of the cloth I like and in the end managed to sew it on time for her birthday. She was laughing happily upon seeing the brightly printed rompers.

2015-03-15 02.19.02Now that her birthday is over, there’s nothing much to worry about anymore. Who knows planning a child birthday could be so stressful? My cousin was asking me why I have to do everything myself? Why can’t I just order or buy? Well, anyone can just order and buy anything easily, but if you make the effort to do the things for your loved ones, you will be able to remember it and it will end up being more meaningful. I have to highlight the fact that if money is not an issue, I would have spend it all away extravagantly on her cakes and the entire party.

In fact, I did try to find out the cost of it all. The made to order birthday cake cost around RM575 inclusive of delivery. An event stylist would have cost me around RM2.5k. A new dress for Tasha cost around RM150 – 200 (cheaper range) from a baby boutique. And a clown would cost me around RM550! Can you imagine the savings I had? Yes, I’m starting to be real thrifty because everything seems to have slowed down, my business especially and I have to take care of my employee because it’s just not me alone, now. So irregardless of anything, I will try my best to ensure that we all stay afloat.

2015-03-15 16.17.20

Now back blogging about my daughter’s birthday, I was blessed enough to find an affordable caterer after all! The food was good and we all enjoyed it very much. There’s plenty for us to bring home for our dinners/breakfast after the party as well. I’m not going to mention the price I paid for the caterer here, but all in all I spent less than RM1k for the entire birthday party! Which is a steal! I never thought that with all the decor, props and stuffs, in the end I never utilise much of my money. That’s just so unbelievable, but I save more than 3K because I did everything on my own or with friend’s help (as in the case of the birthday cake).

2015-03-15 16.17.19-2

There’s even goody bags for the children to bring home! I guess, we’re really blessed to have good friends that supported, suggested and helped us out. For that I’m really grateful and thankful to God for His blessings.

The only toy she received during her birthday is a stack-up cups 😛 The rest of her presents are mostly books or money. She’s still playing with the cups and really enjoy it, just wish there has been more toys for her. Maybe next year?

It will be a long time before we celebrate Tasha’s birthday again. Maybe someday when she is older and has her own group of friends or when she turns 6 and know what she wants. We’ll just have to wait and see.



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